Monday, 19 May 2014

Castle Sinister: Deluxe Screening Edition

I've tinkered with it, and this version will be screened on the 23rd May. Cleaner edges. More Foley. New opening scene showing off the castle itself.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Castle Sinister: Submission edition

Here is my film, as submitted for hand-in.

I'm incredibly happy with my work, but I've noticed a few small errors I wish to resolve for the screening on the 23rd of May. A flash-frame before the sorcerer's transformation, a bit of unusual movement when one of the creatures get shot. One scene was coloured in a hurry, and could be cleaner. Expect an improved version within a week, with the added bonus of the spooky castle exteriour shown at the beginning.


Here is my showreel, as submitted for hand-in. It's made up of what little concept sketches, stop-motion, and after-effects work I had availible. I wanted to put more new stop-motion and two-dimensional work in there, and will try to produce some for an improved showreel over the next few weeks.

The music is by The Presidents of the United States of America