Thursday, 17 April 2014

Still here

Well. I've been keeping quiet, but I'm still working on it. I'm now working faster than I used to, either because of experience or sheer blind panic making me focused. I'm working on about three or four shots a day. Cleaning, compositing, rendering. I still need to clean about twenty shots, about four of those aren't animated at all yet. Colourists are working well, but I'm still staying up late with bits of colouring I want to do, either because I'm not sure how I want them to be coloured yet, or because I want creative control on the complicated bits with lots of layers. I'm not sure if I'm on track for submission. It's looking like it could go easily either way, and I'm seriously considering the possibility it being late... I don't want to take the 10% hit on my grade, but I do want this thing to be finished before I hand it in. It has been suggested that some of us wait until next year to submit. It seems like that would be a big commitment, but it's oddly tempting... My arm hurts. My little finger on my right hand is developing a distinct sheen and pinkness where the knuckles rub against the paper. There was a fire drill today. I'm not waking up as early as I want to be. I haven't got anywhere near enough supporting work ready for submission. The next four days I will be locked out of the building for Easter bank-holidays. I'm not sure I'll get any work done at home in that time. I can colour. I have the same software at home. My hard-drive doesn't work with the uni computers, so I can't bring my project home very easily, or back it up properly. I've done the best I can with a large memory stick.

Anyway. Lots of little gripes, brain and body are suffering a lot. Going mad. Seems to be the usual thing about now. Watch this space, the the first of May is approaching!